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Marcia Needs Space_North Bend_V1-04.png

Marcia Needs Space

An interactive narrative puzzle-based treasure hunt/walking tour of North Bend, Washington

Created with Allyson Morgan

for the North Bend Film Festival 2021

Marcia Needs Space was built as a commission for the North Bend Film Festival to partner with local businesses. The tour, guided by Fred the Extra Terrestrial via web-based videos, presented guests with a puzzle to solve that would lead them to the next location, where they'd find a QR code, scan it, and receive the next video with the next puzzle to solve. For virtual users, the experience was basically replicated using 360 video at each site.

It's a funny and sad little project about how complicated it is to be 'back in the world' right now, and how since our definitions of togetherness and presence have so deformed, what it means to be a part of other peoples' lives in any capacity is still very slippery. Human contact has become a little uncanny, so we made a project that feels like a lot of different things, but not quite any of them. 

Featuring Rory Kulz as Fred the Extra Terrestrial Tour Guide

Key art by Tamsi New

Marcia Needs Space_North Bend_V1-02.png
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