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for Magic Leap

Ghosted is an interactive augmented reality performance piece, featuring volumetrically captured actors appearing across a table from the user. 


Surprise, you’re dead - but the good news is that you’ve made a deal with the big guy down below to let you come back to Earth - as long as you agree to pick one annoying ghost to bring with you, who’ll haunt you for the rest of your days.

Winner, Most Innovative Immersive Experience, North Bend Film Festival, 2019

Winner, Audience Live Poll Prize, NYCMedia Lab Expo, 2019 

Nominee, Best Art or Film, AWE Auggie Awards, 2020

Finalist, Cannes XR Development Showcase 2019

Lead Developer - Alex Coulombe

Head Writer, Producer - Allyson Morgan

Director, Producer - Kevin Laibson

On-set Consultant - David Gochfeld

AMANDA - Written & Performed by Marina Tempelsman • CRAGE - Written & Performed by J.W. Crump • MARGARET - Written & Performed by Robin Virginie • HAZEL - Written & Performed by Sarah Nowak • CORY - Written by Emily Chaddick Weiss; Performed by Steven Boyer • GUS PIZZA - Written & Performed by Mark Vigeant • DWIGHT - Written by Caroline V. McGraw; Performed by Curran Connor • TAMSI - Written & Performed by Tamsi New • ALEISTER - Written and Voice performed by Lucas Hazlett; MoCap performance by Kevin Laibson • LUCY - Written & Performed by Lucy Cottrell • DONALD - Written by Niccolo Aeed; Performed by Donald Chang • EDIE - Written by Joshua Conkel; Performed by Jill Frutkin • GORDON - Written & Performed by Jake Keefe • ALEX - Written & Performed by Alex Song • GARY - Written & Performed by Nick Carrillo • LLANA - Written & Performed by Amy Staats • SHE - Written by Gregory S. Moss; Performed by David Mitsch • GHOST HOST - Written & Performed by Allyson Morgan •

Special thanks to Magic Leap, Scatter, and the team at the North Bend Film Festival for their support.

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