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Jesus Christ Tater Tot

Live, various venues

Jesus Christ Tatertot (JCTT) is a 45-minute abridged (and entirely unauthorized) take on the hopefully-not-terribly-litigious Andrew Lloyd Weber's masterpiece rock opera, where every part is played by a potato, puppeteered by NYC sketch mainstays (read: old people) City Hall. While the plot and the score remain unchanged (though cut down considerably), the lyrics have been revised to support the all-vegetable cast.


At the Holy Land Diner, Hosannas become Ore-Idas, the harrowing, legendary refrain of "Crucify him!" echoes through the coliseum as "Peel and fry him," and we see a heartbroken Judas hurl himself in to a deep-fryer. All this at the hands of a dedicated staff of sous chefs and line cooks, backed by a choir of servers, who bring the audience tater tots, inviting them to eat the golden-brown flesh of Jesus Crisp himself.

With nothing but reverence for both the original story and the Broadway blockbuster, JCTT began as an experiment - could City Hall, in their eleventh year, get away with just making one, extraordinarily dumb joke over and over again? 

Created and performed by City Hall Sketch Comedy:


Chris Booth

Josh Wolinsky

Luis Nuñez

Jake Keefe

Julia Darden


with Stefan Stansfeld as the piano-playing cook

Directed and Arranged by Kevin Laibson

Additional lyrics by Heather Jewels-Booth

Puppets designed and built by Julia Darden

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