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Trust Us (It Could Be Worse)

Live at The New Ohio Theater

in VR on VRChat / High Fidelity / Altspace

Trust Us (It Could Be Worse) was an improvised experiment where one player in each scene wore a VR headset that had them standing alone on stage in an empty digital theater. If improvisational performance is an exercise of trust between partners, Trust Us was a stress test. The improviser in VR hears laughter from the live audience, but only sees empty seats when they look out. How does a person make scenic discoveries inside of a computational render of a theater with nobody in it that can affect and respond do those discoveries being made by the other players and the live audience who are experiencing a slightly different parallel reality?

Also it was a fuckin party.

Directed by Kevin Laibson 

Produced by Kevin Laibson, Agile Lens, David Gochfeld

Hosted by Kevin Laibson & Chris Booth as Calvin & Craig

with: Kimberly Alu, Eric Yearwood, Jeff Mondoro, Tamsi New, Rachel Scherer, Scott Benjamin, Steve Capps, AJ Ditty, Elke Reid, Joe Galan, Brad Stuart, Nate Foster, Josh Hurley, Timothy Thompson, Amanda Stafford

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